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First Anniversary Giveaway!

Academic-ish will soon be completing a year! Our first ever reading and discussion session (on BR Ambedkar's Labour & Parliamentary Democracy) was held on 10th May, 2020. We're living in difficult times and we wanted to take this opportunity to share a little joy. We got together with Pagdandi, an independent bookstore in Pune, and curated an Instagram books giveaway so you can be a part of this milestone with us! Winners will be announced from 3rd-7th May 2021, two winners per day. Take a look at the ten books we've picked and head to our Instagram posts to participate in the giveaway!

1. Wanderers, Kings, Merchants: The Story of India Through Its Languages by Peggy Mohan - a study of early South Asian history through migration and language.

2. Memory of Light by Ruth Vanita - a historical fiction about queer romance between two courtesans in Lucknow.

3. Patriarchy and the Pangolin: A field guide to Indian Men and other species by Aditi Patil - a personal account of the travels of two conservation researchers in North India.

4. Midnight's Borders by Suchitra Vijayan - a people's history of Modern India told across its contested borders.

5. How are you Veg? Dalit Stories from Telugu by Joopaka Subhadra (translated by Alladi Uma and M. Sridhar) - stories of the lived experiences of the Madiga women in Telangana.

6. Cities and Canopies by Harini Nagendra and Seema Mundoli - an informative book on trees in Indian cities.

7. Crafting the Word edited by Thingnam Anjulika Samom - an anthology of women's writings from Manipur.

8. Bhimayana: Experiences of Untouchability (story by Srividya Natarajan and S. Anand, art by Durgabai Vyam an Subhash Vyam) - incidents in the life of BR Ambedkar illustrated in Pardhan-Gond art.

9. Can You Hear Kashmiri Women Speak? edited by Nitasha Kaul and Ather Zia - a collection of essays on narratives of resistance and resilience of Kashmiri women.

10. The Audacity of Pleasure: Sexualities, Literature and Cinema in India by Brinda Bose - a collection of academic essays, journal articles, and online pieces.

Check out our Instagram posts for the rules and how to participate in the giveaway!

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