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Academic-ish Sunday Sessions Plan (updated Feb '23)

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

A list of all the monthly themes, weekly topics, and the readings that we've covered till now. Get in touch with us via email if you'd like to access a particular article! If you want to participate in our reading and discussion sessions, subscribe to our mailing list for monthly announcements and how to register for the meetings.

May 2020 - Labour

Week 1: Labour & Parliamentary Democracy

Labour & Parliamentary Democracy by BR Ambedkar

Week 2: Skill, Work & Gendered Identity

Skill, Work and Gendered Identity in Contemporary India: The Business of Delivering Home-Cooked Food for Domestic Consumption by Nandini Gooptu & Rangan Chakravarty

Week 3: Occupational Health and Safety

'Health is wealth and wealth is health' - Perceptions of Health and Ill-Health among Female Sex orkers in Savannakhet, Laos by K Phrasisombath, S. Thomsen, V Sychareun and E. Faxelid.

Week 4: Global Value Chain

Value for Whom? The Soccer Ball Industry in China and Pakistan by Hong Xue and Anita Chan

June 2020 - Art and Visual Culture

Week 5: Photography and Colonialism

Between Objectivity and Illusion: Architectural Photography in the Colonial Frame by Vikramaditya Prakash

Week 6: Street Art and Political Protests

Writing at the End of History - Reflections on Two Cases of Graffiti in Hong Kong by Lu pan

Week 7: The Masculine Body in Indian Cinema

The Square Circle: Problematising the National Masculine Body in Indian Cinema by Aparna Sharma

Week 8: The Artistic Legacy of Satyajit Ray: A discussion on his foray into Graphic Design

Title Design in Hindi and Bengali Film Posters by Mohammad Shahid and Dr. D. Udaya Kumar

July 2020 - Urban Spaces

Week 9: Digital Exploration of the Urban

Maps, movements and mobilities: Facebook and 'checking-in' among young men in Pune, India by Rahul Advani

Week 10: Environmentalism in the City

Cows, cars and cycle-rickshaws: Bourgeois environmentalism and the battle for Delhi's streets by Amita Baviskar

Week 11: Gendering of Public Spaces

Why loiter? Radical possibilities of gendered dissent by Shilpa Phadke, Shilpa Ranade and Sameera Khan

Week 12: Reimagining Urban Design

Citizenship in action: participatory urban visualization incontested urban space by Rachel Kallus

August 2020 - Health

Week 13: Politics of Epidemics

Epidemics and the Politics of Knowledge: Contested Narratives in Egypt's H1N1 Response by Melissa Leach & Mariz Tadrosa

Week 14: Health, Illness and Culture

Eghindi Among Sahrawi Refugees of Western Sahara by Gabriele Volpato and Anna Waldstein

Week 15: Social Infrastructure and Nutrition

Social Infrastructure and Women's Undernutrition by Sunny Jose and K Navaneetham

Week 16: Health in Visual Media

Creating a Consumer: Exploring Medical Advertisements in Colonial India by Madhuri Sharma

September 2020 - Crime and Justice

Week 17: Vigilante Justice

Avenger on the Street (Mumbai Fables) by Gyan Prakash

Week 18: Gendering the Police

"Women's Inhumanity Towards Women?" Treatment of Female Crime Suspects by Female Officers of the Nigerian Police by Richard Abayomi Aborisade & Similade Fortune Oni

Week 19: Redefining Justice

Reconciling a Divided Nation through a Non-Retributive Justice Approach: Ghana's National Reconciliation Initiative by Franklin Oduro

October 2020 - Music

Week 21: Movement, Migration and Music

The Romani Diaspora in Europe: Mutual Influences by Danielle Fosler-Lussier

Week 22: Festivities and Gender Assertions in Folk Music

Taking liberties in festive song: Gender, new technologies and a 'joking relationship' by Smita Tewari Jassal

Week 23: Popular Expressions of Protest Music

Pakistani popular music: A call to reform in the public sphere by Saba Pirzadeh & Tehmina Pirzada

November 2020 - Science & Technology

Week 24: The Scientific Construction of Race

It's a Small World, Superior: The Return of Race Science by Angela Saini

Week 25: Caste, Gender & the Production of Science

Brahmins as scientists and science as Brahmins' calling by Renny Thomas

The Production of Science by Bittu Karthik Kondaiah, Shalini Mahadev, Maranatha Grace Them Wahlang

Week 26: Hindu Nationalism & "Vedic Science"

Postmodernism, Hindu nationalism and 'Vedic Science' by Meera Nanda

Week 27: Science as a means of National Unification

Counting Measures: The Decimal Metric System, Metrological Census, and State Formation in Revolutionary Mexico, 1895-1940 by Hector Vera

Week 28: Science, State & Corporate Philanthropy

The philanthropic-corporate-state complex: imperial strategies of dispossession from the 'Green Revolution' to the 'Gene Revolution' by Ashok Kumbamu

December 2020 - Indian Cinema

Week 29: Religious Ideology in Horror

Mapping the Hindi Horror Genre: Ghosts in the Service of Ideology by Meraj Ahmed Mubarki

Week 30: Historical Censorship & Communism

A Specter Haunts Bombay: Censored Itineraries of a Lost Communist Film by Debashree Mukherjee

Week 31: Gender & Sexuality

Queering Bollywood by Gayatri Gopinath

Week 32: Beyond Bollywood

Jallikattu (2019) directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery

January 2021 - Readers' Choice

Week 33: Urban Cartography

Favelas and the divided city: mapping silences and calculations in Rio de Janeiro's journalistic cartography by Andre Reyes Novaes

Week 34: (Dis)ability & Gender in Relationships

(Dis)ability and Exclusion by Anita Ghai

Week 35: Indian Diaspora and Reactionary Politics

The Indian Diaspora in Africa: The Commodification of Hindu Rashtra by Renu Modi & Ian Taylor

Week 36: Critical Pedagogy

Weaving indigenous agricultural knowledge with formal education to enhance community food security: school competition as a pedagogical space in rural Anchetty, India by Shailesh Shukla, Janna Barkman & Kirit Patel

Learning to learn from the Other: subaltern life narrative, everyday classroom and critical pedagogy by Jajati K. Pradhan & Seema Singh

February 2021 - Food

Week 37: Food & Cinema

Not on My Plate! Mapping the trajectory of the meat food culture of Hindi cinema by Meraj Ahmed Mubarki

Week 38: Food as Cultural Heritage

Mexico's ethnic culinary heritage and cocineras tradicionales (traditional female cooks) by Raul Matta

Week 39: Politics of Food (Caste & Veganism)

'Glory to the Cow': Cultural Difference and Social Justice in the Food Hierarchy in India by Shraddha Chigateri

Veganism of Colour: Decentering Whiteness in Human and Non-Human Liberation edited by Julia Feliz Brueck

Week 40: Food Porn in Online Spaces

"Food Porn" as Postfeminist Play: Digital Femininity and the Female Body on Food Blogs by Tisha Dejmanee

March 2021 - Work & Livelihoods

Week 41: Essential Work & the COVID-19 Pandemic

Essential for what? A global social reproduction view on the reorganisation of work during the COVID-19 pandemic by Sara Stevano, Rosimina Ali & Merle Jamieson

Week 42: Resource Extraction & Livelihoods

Informal mining in Mongolia: livelihood change and continuity in the rangelands by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt & Hishgee Dondov

Week 43: Urban Ecologies and Waste Work

"We Too Have Blackened Our Hands": Work, Harm, and Legitimacy in a Delhi Scrap Market by Ishani Saraf

Value Struggles: Waste Work and Urban Ecology in Delhi

Week 44: Nomadic Pastoralism & Sedentarization

Villagization and access to water resources in the Middle Awash Valley of Ethiopia: implications for climate change adaptation by Mekonnen Adnew Degefu , Mohammed Assen , Poshendra Satyal & Jessica Budds

May 2021 - Sport

Week 45: Play, Pleasure & Prestige

Mazaa: Rethinking Fun, Pleasure and Play in South Asia by Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria & Ulka Anjaria

Dog Fighting: Performing Masculinity in Rural South Punjab, Pakistan by Muhammad A. Kavesh

Week 46: Sports Figures as Political Icons

Exploring the lives and politics of great sporting icons like Muhammad Ali and Diego Maradona through documentary shorts, interviews, and long-form articles.

Week 47: Bodies in (Dis)Play

Bodies and subjectivities: women in Cuban Paralympic sports by Laura Vidaurreta and Luisa Vidaurreta

Week 48: Modernising Traditional Games

(Dis)playing the indigenous body: the case of Indigenous Tribal Games (ITG) in the Philippines by Shekinah Dorelle P. Queri

June 2021 - Ecology

Week 49: What Has Gender Got To Do With It? A Conversation on Environmental Research

with Aditi Patil and Manya

Week 50: Deserts & Jungles: Ecological Variability & Cultural Histories

Tigers and “Good Indian Wives”: Feminist Political Ecology Exposing the Gender-Based Violence of Human–Wildlife Conflict in Rajasthan, India by Kalli F. Doubleday

Gone with the Trees: Deciphering the Thar Desert’s Recurring Droughts by Karine Gagne ́

Week 51: Fisheries: Livelihoods, Governance and Conservation

Fishing and Environmental Regulation in the Caribbean: Acts of Freedom and Control in a Jamaican Coastal Town by Monica Lorenzo Pugholm

July 2021 - Performance (Academic-ish X Meghana)

Week 52: The Audience as Performer (?) in Folk Art

Conceptualising Popular Culture: ‘Lavani’ and ‘Powada’ in Maharashtra by Sharmila Rege

Week 53: The Audience as Critic and Creator in Theatre

Negotiating Identity: Theatre, Performance and Criticism in Africa by Emmanuel S. Dandaura

August 2021 - Language

Week 54: Migration and Language Development

The Hidden Story of Sanskrit by Peggy Mohan (from the book WANDERERS, KINGS, MERCHANTS: The Story of India through its Languages)

Week 55: Linguistic Politics & The Adivasi Identity

Ethnic identity and curriculum construction: critical reflection on school curriculum in Tripura by Fancy Jamatia & Nagaraju Gundimeda

Week 56: Radio Programming & Nationalist Ideologies

Mediating the Countryside: Purists and Pundits on Tashelhit Radio by Katherine E. Hoffman (from the book Language, Land, and Gender in Berber Morocco)

October 2021 - Violence

Week 57: Of Mobs and Memories

Culture of Suspicion: Riots and Rumor in Bombay, 1992-1993 by Radhika Subramaniam

Week 58: Cyber Violence

"In my village everything is known": sexting and revenge porn in young people from rural Spain by Laura Pavon-Benitez, Nuria Romo-Aviles & Pilar Tarancon Gomez

Week 59: Book Burning and Cultural Destruction

Errors of Omission and Cultural Destruction in Iraq, 2003 by Rebecca Knuth

December 2021 - Television

Week 60: Spectacle of Indian TV News

The Subjects of News Television by M. Madhava Prasad

Coverage of the Surgical Strike on Television News in India by Sushmita Pandit & Saayan Chattopaghyay

Week 61: Indian Soaps in the International Sphere

Hindi Films, Bollywood, and Indian Television Serials: A History of Connection, Disconnection, and Reconnection in Tamale, Northern Ghana by Katie Young

Week 62: Reality TV & Investigative Journalism

Public interest television and social responsibility: the search for the missing person in Indian television by Darshana S. Mini

January 2022 - Borders

Week 63 - Colonial Amnesia and the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

White Innocence in the Black Mediterranean: hospitality and the erasure of history of Ida Danewid

Week 64 - Refugee Education and Boundary-Making

Karen Education and Boundary-Making at the Thai-Burmese Borderland by Su-Ann Oh, Melanie Walker & Hayso Thako

Week 65 - Borders in Dialogue

Can Borders Speak to Each Other? The India-Bangladesh and Spain-Morocco Borders in Dialogue by Dina Krichker and Jasnea Sarma

Week 66 - Seeing like a State vs. Seeing like a Border

Borders and Bordering Practices: A Case Study of Jaisalmer District on India-Pakistan Border by Krishnendra Meena

February 2022 - Food 2.0

Week 67 - Sorghum

Follow the 'Ting: sorghum in South Africa by Laura M Pereira

Week 68 - Palm Oil

The Political Ecology of Palm Oil Production by Renato J. Orsatoa, Stewart R. Clegg & Horacio Falcao

Week 69 - MSG

A Short History of MSG: Good Science, Bad Science, and Taste Cultures by Jordan Sand

Week 70 - Fermentation

Bamboo Shoot in our Blood: Fermenting Flavours and Identities in Northeast India by Dolly Kikon

April 2022 - Space

Week 71 - Smell Spaces: Cartography through Caste

Odor and Order: How Caste Is Inscribed in Space and Sensoria by Joel Lee

Week 72 - Gendered Time, Speed & Space

The “Smart Safe City”: Gendered Time, Speed, and Violence in the Margins of India’s Urban Age by Ayona Datta

Week 73 - Tech-bros in Outer Space

Sociotechnical Imaginaries and Techno-Optimism: Examining Outer Space Utopias of Silicon Valley by Richard Tutton

February 2023 - Humour

Week 74 - Racist Humour & Twitter's "Outrage" Politics

‘If Ever I Offended You I Am Sorry’: Disparagement Humour, Black Twitectives and the Dream Deferred by Shepherd Mpofu

Week 75 - Labour & Power: Humour as Resistance

Tales from Assam's Tea Gardens: When humour becomes resistance in the everyday life-world of labourers by Prithiraj Borah

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